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Long Island is back.

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Hi to our valued Long Island Customers.

Long Island is back again under new ownership.

It’s been wonderful to have renewed support from such a lovely group of face book followers. Your continuing loyalty and positive feedback informs and leads us on how we will develop the new Long Island Ltd for the future.

Long Island went into receivership in December 2013. The receivers sold the stock and closed all stores. The last store was closed early 2014. Two business men bought what was left, the Long Island brand name, patterns and customer data base.

In October 2014 a new Long Island Clothing Ltd company was formed by Wendy and Peter by purchasing the Long Island brand name, patterns and data base, with the plan to bringing Long Island favourites back to the loyal customers. Wendy’s confidence comes from her direct involvement with Long Island and her knowledge of customer satisfaction.

We are using our Facebook database to reconnect with our Long Island customers and to advertise the on-line store which has begun with a small range of your favourite pants and tops, including the soda pant, bridge pant and crew neck top.We are adding to this range monthly and introducing new initiatives to support our customers.These new additions will be promoted through Facebook.

We do listen and we really do care.

If there is anything you loved let us know and we will try to replicate it.

We have the patterns but we can't always source the same fabrics. This allows us to look for and use new fabric designs.

At this stage we won't be sending out catalogues or opening a physical store. We are selling on-line.

We work out of 82 Roberta Drive, Christchurch and offer, in addition, an alteration service by appointment on Friday and Saturday.

Long Island is very important to me as I worked there as the production manager in 2011 and 2012. There was a great team working there and some are still there in the background supporting my decision to re-launch the brand.

Our aim is to support New Zealand industry by producing local designs and sourcing local materials, as much as possible. One hundred percent of our clothes are made here in Christchurch.

We want to make you the clothes you love to live in.

We look forward to your support and invite you to tell your friends and family so that we can continue to provide clothes that you enjoy wearing.

Please visit us at www.longisland.co.nz

email: wendy.baldwin@longisland.co.nz

email:  info@longisland.co.nz

Wendy and Peter:

Ph 03 3326943